Group: The Archives

Painter Abandoned

A Bukkit plugin for creative servers, adding a command that allows users to replace blocks by breaking them with the block they want to replace them with - thus, "painting" blocks

ArchBlock Abandoned

A Bukkit plugin for creative server that allows players to "own" their blocks, and provides them with a friends list of users that may edit their blocks.

Inter Abandoned

A Python project providing a JSON-based protocol for Minecraft servers to communicate with each other.

Inter-Bukkit Abandoned

A Bukkit plugin that makes use of the Inter project for cross-server chat, among other things.

Arc Defunct

The Archives' custom Minecraft server, in its final form. Tricky to get working these days.

Group: Ultros

Ultros Mature

Ultros in its original form - A Python 2 bot based on Twisted that can work on multiple networks at once, designed with modularity in mind. Protocol-agnostic.

Ultros-contrib Mature

Ultros' third-party and official package repository. Used by Ultros' package manager.

Ultros3k Stalled

Ultros, being ported to Python 3. Lots of work to do, but the basics are working quite well.

McBlockit-Helpbot Defunct

MCBlockit-Helpbot - Ultros before it was called Ultros. Very old, IRC-only.

Ultros-site Stalled

The Ultros website, built using Python 3 and Falcon, with Bulma as the UI toolkit.

Group: Gear CMS

Gear Stalled

A new CMS written in Python 3 with asyncio at its core, designed to be modular, easy-to-use and easy to scale. Very early stages.

Personal Projects

Smithy Current

A Discord utility bot for the masses - Smithy attempts to provide features to Discord servers without the need for a bunch of redundant bots, by providing uncommon or unique features rather than those available from any old bot.

InfoBot Defunct

A Discord utility bot designed for managing static info channels. It exists because Discord has a strict message limit - if you need to modify the middle of your info channel and don't have enough space, the only remedy is to recreate the entire channel - or, to have a bot do it for you!

RelayBot Defunct

A Discord utility bot designed for relaying messages between channels and servers. It's kind of a niche use-case, but it can be useful for a variety of servers.

melcloud Stalled

A Python library that allows one to interface with Mitsubishi's MELCloud platform, for retrieving information on one's connected heating and air conditioning systems. Currently read-only access.

NoJARsBot Mature

A simple Discord bot that attempts to prevent people from sending .jar files on a server.

WordWarning Abandoned

A simple Bukkit plugin to provide a light warning system for banned terms used in chat.

twistifier Abandoned

A simple Twisted protocol that supports the Bukkit Votifier protocol.

MojangAuth Defunct

A simple Python implementation of the Mojang authentication flow.

LotteryBox Abandoned

A Bukkit plugin that adds a chance-based rewards system for servers. Very complicted to set up.

JSONAPI-IRCbot Defunct

A simple IRC bot that works alongside the JSONAPI plugin for Bukkit to send important logging messages to an IRC channel.

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