An Update

2 minute read

This is just a small post to update anyone that’s taken an interest in the previous health-related post I made here. Just a quick blow-by-blow on what’s been going on.

  • First of all, I’ve started on the OMAD diet - standing for One Meal A Day - as of two days ago. It’s going well so far, so hopefully I’ll see some good results!
  • I haven’t yet managed to secure professional help. I’m working on it, but the government-recommended online avenues we have in Ireland (such as Turn2Me) are having some technical problems and think I’m in America, refusing me entry.
  • I’ve been thinking about rejoining the Python server, most likely just as a regular user. That said, I’ve been making use of my free time to recover some energy and get my head back in gear, and I’m not really done just yet - so that decision is going to wait a while longer.
  • Looking forward to meeting up with some friends this weekend, for the first time in months. Should be good!
  • Monster Hunter World is pretty good. Unrelated to that, the Switch pro controller is excellent too. All good stuff!

As mentioned in the previous post - if you’re from the Python server and you’re looking for me, feel free to join the server linked at the top of that post.

Thanks for reading, and thanks especially to the numerous people that have contacted me since the last post to show their support!