Hello, and welcome to my site! This site is a dedicated repository of information about me, the gserv.me operation, the services I host, and the people I work with. It also serves as a personal blog, replacing the old Ghost-powered blog I used to maintain.

This site is powered by Jekyll, generated directly from Markdown files on GitHub and served by GitHub Pages. If you’re curious about how this looks, check out the repository! All post comments are also stored there as issues, handled by Utterances.

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Recent Posts

Stop using Eir/Eircom for email!

24 minute read

Eircom is Ireland’s largest telecoms provider. Formed in 1984 as Bord Telecom Éireann under the Posts and Telecommunications Act of 1983, Eircom has gone th...

An Update

2 minute read

This is just a small post to update anyone that’s taken an interest in the previous health-related post I made here. Just a quick blow-by-blow on what’s been...

Updated: Why is your name white, gdude?

13 minute read

Some of you are probably confused. You might be wondering why my other posts are gone, or why I’m no longer on Python Discord or its related servers. This po...