A drawn portrait of my bust, including a wizard hat.
Artist: @slshaart

Gareth Coles

Community Management Wizard

Building safer spaces, one step at a time - working towards a future full of inclusive gaming and software development spaces. A progressive pioneer of the emerging field of defensive moderation. Learn more about me...

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If you're looking to connect with me somewhere, you can find me at the following places. Please note, however, that if you can't easily contact me on a platform, then that's entirely intentional — community management as a profession makes you a big target for harassment, and even violence in some contexts.

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I guess it’s about time I posted something here, huh? I’ve been doing moderation for an awfully long time, but a situation I was part of recently really changed my perspectives on a few things. To explain this, though, I need to go back over some of my history.

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